Our aim is to use key conversion principles with well proven techniques to assist your staff in completing the conversion while providing hands-on training to equip you to support the system internally on an on-going basis.”

VisionSoft develops credible, robust and low risk project plans for earliest practical delivery, of the required product solution.  This includes the successful integration of the Client’s current systems interfaces required for a complete system migration. VisionSoft understands the importance of providing the best approach for the system migration whilst ensuring complying to vendor coding standards and ease of maintenance. We hold this in high priority to ensure that the Client’s IT department can successfully maintain the system after the project completion. This experience enables us to assist your staff in completing the conversion while providing hands-on training to equip you to support the system internally on an on-going basis.

Consultant Capabilities:

  1. VisionSoft provides the technology, people, processes, and community-creation platform that supports Credit Card enterprise from top to bottom.
  2.  VisionSoft has experience in all VisionPlus Modules (ASM,CMS,MBS,TRAMS,ITS,CDM,FAS,CTA and SSC) and Base 2000 modules (TBS,TCS,TMS,GL Interface)
  3. VisionSoft has extensive worldwide experience and managing and delivering successful conversions on time and on budget.
  4. VisionSoft has been responsible for the development and implementation of government compliance (region specific) and MasterCard/Visa compliance changes. These implementations have involved community testing and if required member online certification.
  5. VisionSoft has developed many enhanced features to add on to the existing base systems to provide additional functionality while ensuring Vendor standards are followed to accommodate maintainability of the existing software.

Complete Solutions

VisionSoft has managed multiple conversions for Credit Card Processing solutions. These involved RFI, RFP, Due Dilegence, Operations and Architecture Review to Solution recommendations. Once the solution was accepted, VisionSoft provided key resources to assist with the project management, architecture analysis, feature function analysis through to implemenation strategies, planning and review.

A Spectrum of Services

Our major areas of service can be summarized as follows:

  • ·       Recommendations on Credit Card Solutions
  • ·       Management of Global Credit Card Installations
  • ·       Management of Conversion Projects
  • ·       Strategic Planning
  • ·       Compliance Releases and Installation
  • ·       New Product Development
  • ·       Training
  • ·       Technical/User VisionPlus and FBS2000 support
  • ·       Batch Review
  • ·       Installation Upgrades
  • ·       Performance Tuning
  • ·       Batch Tools
  • ·       TRAMS and TRAMS/AG Training
  • ·       TRAMS/AG Advanced Course (Template Programming)
  • ·       TRAMS/AG One-time Cleanup
  • ·       TRAMS/AG Compliance Retrofitting

A Spectrum of Expertise

VisionSoft has worked on multiple platforms including IBM 390 and AS/400 and has expertise in the following systems and modules:


  • CMS
  • ASM (Customer Services management)
  • CDM (Credit Applications/Credit Scoring)
  • ITS (Chargeback/InterchangeTracking)
  • FAS (Authorizations)
  • TRAMS (Transaction Management)
  • CTA (Collections)
  • MBS (Merchant)
  • SSC (Security)
  • TRAMS/AG (Code generator)