Our Vision

A Cleaner, Brighter Future, where businesses thrive because the value that they provide their customers is clear, stable and unencumbered. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with top quality consulting services and custom software solutions, so you can focus on the success of your business 

Our Value

VisionSoft is a team of consultants formed in 1996 from a core subset of resources who worked extensively on VisionPLUS. The team has been responsible for conversions onto the VisionPLUS system at multiple sites. As the first site to install and customize VisionPLUS, this team was responsible for key design feedback and has since then delivered a multitude of projects implement- ing or converting to VisionPLUS and the next generation, Vision- FLEX

Extensive work has been done on MainFrame and on the Micro Focus Enterprise platform running on AIX (IBM Power Series). The functionality of VisionPLUS has been extended by adding transaction switching capability (ACI BASE24 as well as an In—Compliance House switch) to enable Point Of Sale and large suites of real upgrades & time interfaces using IBM MQ-Series. A variety of other cus- tom components, including various web enabled front ends and REST clients, have been created to enable and empower our us- ers, catering to their specific needs. 


Project & Strategic Management

VisionSoft has managed over 25 con- versions onto the VisionPlus software. This involved Feature Function analysis through to implemenation strategies, planning and review. We have champi- oned group-wide standardization projects and managed a multi-country integration initiative encompassing 7 subsuidiaries across 20 countries.

Technical Expertise

Delivering technical expertise and top tier integration methodologies for more than 20 years in the following areas:

• Data Conversions • System Integrations

• New Product Development

• Data Architecture and DB Design
• Technical/User support

• Performance Tuning

• Process Design and Review

Upgrades & Compliance

•Version Upgrades
•Card Association Compliance •Regulatory Compliance

Our Services

In recent years VisionSoft has focused on developing skills with Retail and Closed End Lending experience. This has enabled us to leverage new technologies into the Card Processing systems to enable the clients to provide customers with key technology enhancements: Instant Embossing, Loyalty updates to Smartphones, Iphone application support and much more. 

VisionSoft has expertise in the following VisionPLUS modules: 

  • CMS

  • ASM (Customer Services management)
CDM (Credit Applications/Credit Scoring), 
  • ITS (Chargeback/InterchangeTracking), 
  • FAS (Authorizations),

  • TRAMS (Transaction Management),

  • CTA (Collections), 
  • MBS (Merchant) 
  • SSC (Security).
TRAMS/AG (Code generator)

And supporting products:

Visa/MC certification and compliance
Transaction switching: BASE24 and Custom In-House 
  • Micro Focus Enterprise Solutions 

VisionSoft has been heavily involved in the conversion to Vision- PLUS/VisionFLEX from a wide range of other major Accounts Receivable systems, specifically: 

  • CardPac  

  • CPS 

  • TSYS 

  • FDR 

The team has regularly performed vendor base software upgrades, government compliance and MasterCard/Visa compliance. We have provided customization and maintenance of a number of ancillary credit card processes: 

  • Unique Client View to Cards Processing and Collections 
  • Transfer history process and Enhanced Transfer Functionality
  • Web API-based CRM Interfaces
Customized Management and Client Reporting 
  • Development of automated financial balancing 
  • Development of Loyalty and Rewards systems
Cross Region architectural updates to Client systems 
  • Business Marketing Strategy Reviews 

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